by MythofRock

Gramercy Arms’ “After the After Party”, the first single off their upcoming album, “The Making Of The Making Of”, emerges as a mesmerizing gem within the indie pop genre, brilliantly exuding a blend of catchy melodies, elegant guitars and a meticulously crafted rhythm section. Seamlessly blending elements of indie rock with a pop sensibility, this track proves to be a poignant exploration of wistfulness and bittersweet nostalgia. From the opening bars, it is obvious that the song will stick to your brain! Two are the standout features of the song. Firstly, the beautiful guitar work – every chord progression, every riff is executed with precision, adding layers of texture and secondly, the vocal arrangements, which are nothing short of exceptional. The vocals float over the lush instrumentation, delivering poignant lyrics with emotion. There’s a raw vulnerability in the delivery that draws listeners into the heart of the song’s narrative. Every note feels purposeful and impactful. Of course, also lyrically, “After the After Party” is a song that will undoubtedly strike a chord with the listener. Overall, “After the After Party” stands as a powerfully poignant indie pop gem that showcases the band’s undeniable talent and artistry. A wistful journey through memories and emotions, “After the After Party” is a song that makes a strong, lasting impression and it is enshrined in the listener’s heart and mind. As it seems, Gramercy Arms are going to release a stunning new album and we are already looking forward to listening to it!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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