by MythofRock

Fortress Under Siege is a band with a long history, they are regarded as one of the most charismatic power metal bands from Greece and keep the flame burning, releasing great albums. This time they offer us “Envy”, the follow-up to the much-praised “Atlantis” album (2020). With this new opus, the Greek power metal maestros promise grandeur, and let me assure you, this album delivers that and more. “Envy” is an epic journey, a lyrical adventure, a heavy/power metal onslaught, which will blow your mind to pieces! The album kicks off with a thunderous song, “Bring Out Your Dead” – no wonder why this was chosen as the first single of “Envy”! We are talking about real power metal prowess, which results in monumental songs of irresistible melodies, galloping guitar riffs, soaring vocals and … energy! Fortress Under Siege crafts a magical atmosphere of passion and might, and flexes its musical muscles in power metal hymns like “Distant Voices”, “Look At You” and “Disobey”.   The guitars, bass and drums forge an unbreakable sonic armor, in a dreamy selection of majestic compositions, which will haunt your heart and mind! Heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, carrying all the elements of US power metal, and showing sometimes a more progressive self, the guys stand tall among the legions of the power metal universe! Tasos Lazaris is a great singer, Fotis Sotiropoulos weaves an intricate guitar web and the listener has no excuse – this album is a true masterpiece of celestial power metal! Every time I listen to it I get something else from it. Don’t you want to live this amazing experience by yourself?!

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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