by MythofRock

After four years of recording absence, my beloved Firewind present their tenth album. The mastermind of the band Gus G is once again in great mood and condition, revealing his excellent technical training and undeniable talent on the guitar. The energy he possesses and presents to us on stage, he tries and succeeds in channeling it through his music. Second consecutive record for Firewind with a now stable line-up, with Herbie Langhans fully integrated into the band. As long as you watch him in one of their concerts, he has contributed positively to the sound effect of the album by adding his own touch – the transition of the band’s sound to heavier paths “snaps” perfectly with the distinctive timbre of his voice! Petros Christodoulidis and Jo Nunez on bass and drums respectively are always worthy members of the band, leaving their indelible mark on another Firewind record. So, ten songs on this album, of which nine are new compositions and one is a cover of “Talking in Your Sleep” by The Romantics, now the third in their recording history, if I’m not mistaken. As for the musical result we hear on “Stand United”, Gus G delivers us a typical power metal record in the style of Firewind, with melodic and dynamic riffs and solos, perfectly executed. The sound result once again justifies the collaboration of the band with Dennis Ward on the co-production, mixing and mastering of the album. The weakest element of the album is still the keyboards, more work is needed in this position, because I feel that something or someone is missing! I write this last observation with great love, respect and without any desire to offend. In conclusion, this is an excellent record that entertains you from beginning to end, without tiring you no matter how many times you listen to it. My favorite moments were the songs: “Destiny is Calling”, “Come Undone”, “Fallen Angel”, “Chains”, and of course everything else, haha!!

♦ 8,5/10

Nick G. Arvanitis


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