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Belgian power metal force, Fireforce, presents its new, fourth full-length studio album, which coincides with a very significant change in its lineup, the addition of French singer and guitarist Matt Asselberghs (guitarist of Nightmare). The album is also co-produced by R.D. Liapakis and that has its strong effect on the furious final result. Fireforce’s music can be described as a mixture of European and US power metal with speed/thrash metal elements. As the title suggests, the new album of Fireforce is full of rage, passion and energy, all of which are captured in music with great results. However, the band from Antwerp doesn’t forget to add melody to every one of its songs. From the very beginning of “Rage of War” to its end, the fast pace and the aggressive and fierce style dominate, Erwin Suetens (guitar) and company bomb our ears without fear, without mercy! The guitars unleash the massive riffs, the expressive vocals with their melodic hooks drive the crazy metal machine, which is based on the huge sound of the rhythm section.  We are talking about a relentless metal attack, which will captivate even the most demanding fan of the aforementioned genres. Prepare yourself for a heavy metal combat, which will surely lead to Fireforce’s triumph! With “Rage of War”, Erwin Suetens and his bandmates march proudly and win a place on the contemporary power/speed/thrash metal pantheon.

♦ 7.5/10

Nikos Arvanitis





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