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When I first saw this Brazilian band, it was at the “Raven Fest – Edição Nas Asas do Corvo”, hosted also by Dewindson Wolfheart, Brazilian singer of the gothic metal band, Wolfheart And The Ravens. There were two dates: the first was to unite the dark gothic metal artists around the world, from several different countries and continents, providing some entertainment along pandemic times – International Dark Edition. The second day was to promote Brazilian bands and acts, most of them in the dark metal scene. The music is called “The Dark Passenger” and blew me away! The video is on YouTube! … Final Disaster knows how to metal and to rock! Perfect Brazilian metal. Their style is horror metal, they are the pioneers of this genre and is perfect for fans of Rob Zombie and King Diamond. But before talking about the new album they’ve released, you should know more about them … They have two voices: a male and a female, something that creates a very special climate and contrast with the concept of the songs, which is terror. It can create a very pleasant battle between them, and for our ears. Their story starts in 2014, when they released the demo “Another Victim”, which was produced by none other than the great Edu Falaschi. The following year, “Finis Hominis” came and was a tribute to José Mojica Marins. He was a Brazilian film-maker, actor and was considered the “father” of Brazilian terror. The EP “The Darkest Path”, produced by Raphael Gazal, explored more paths of the band, which made them stronger in the Brazilian market. The first album was released on the 12th November 2021 and is called “Halls of Despair”. The album, produced by Raphael Gazal, has 13 tracks, plus a bonus one. They are an independent band. Let’s talk about this first album: the first track, “Another Victim”, starts perfectly with the guitars, played in unison by Rodrigo Alves and Lucas Meow. What a super bass line, by Felipe Kbça. Then Kito’s voice is heard, in the style of King Diamond, alongside Deborah Moraes. Fast fingers are heard on the guitar solos and they are one of the best solos of this year, I garantee that! This song makes you wanna jump.  The next one is “Turn It Off”. It starts with an enigmatic, mysterious keyboard sound as an introduction. Then we hear a guitar line, coming out of nowhere, that contrasts with the keyboards. The sound goes on more aggressive. What is more amazing here, are the growls of Kito and the powerful and beautiful Deborah’s voice. Love the beat drum by Bruno Garcia. And Felipe is a killer jammer on the bass. Look at that solo, provided by him. Brazil’s has the best bassists. “Turn It Off” is one of the best songs of the record! A must on live shows. Prepare to leave your comfort zone and prepare to enter the mosh pit! “Dark Delight” starts with angry guitars and drums likewise. It is sung in an angry way, because the story demands it. Headbang your head like crazy with this one! The next one starts with an acoustic introduction and then another type of guitar shows up, like it’s rising the tone. “Quiet Now” seems different from the previous tracks. It isn’t heavier and the guitar solos are way more melodic. We can appreciate Deborah´s voice here and we can say that this track was made for her. This would be very nice at an acoustic set, surrounded by fans! Are you “Creatures From The Underground”? if so, listen to this. The song opens with both female and male singing. Then Deborah seems like she is in the underground and Kito on the surface. They balance very well. The guitars rise and the drums order to begin. The instruments suit very well in here. The drum beat, the guitars and the bass are killer. Amazing! Very nice work, boys and girl! “Blood Red Creation” begins with a Western feeling and then a rasp voice is heard. The voice of an angel whereas a devil voice is here. Like it was a “creation” from blood. Which “Things To Come” do you think are the best? Fast drums and guitars are one of them, for sure. It’s amazing how Kito can transform his voice from one song to another, like Deborah. The guitar lines transform into new ones and go along with the voices. The longest track of the album is here: “Resonance Within”, which opens with an acoustic line and then electric guitars. A clear male voice comes first and the female voice follows. What is more fascinating here, is how the voices balance so well and the guitars can be so powerful and yet calm. It has the best instrumentation and battle between voices in the record, and ends acoustically. “Despair” begins with fast guitar lines, that are answered by fast bass lines. Deborah’s voice is in charge and it seems like the guitars obey her, and the same for Kito. Like a way of despair. Once again, we can see how versatile these guys are: the drums, the guitars and bass. What makes “Broken Glass (Invisible)” so fine, is the bass introduction. It gives this futuristic vibe, followed by the drums. Amazing voices here and awesome guitars. Very futuristic. Do you want to know how to make a “Silent Sacrifice”? Then come along and they’ll show you. The track starts with the explanation of it and the bass comes along. The drum seems like it begins the sacrífice. Fast tempos can be heard here, in a Judas Priest way. Brutal! The title track starts with a “Final Disaster”, but in a good way! Rasp voices once again and battle solos are a good way to describe this song. “Inner Reveries” starts with an acoustic guitar and a soft piano. Deborah has a beautiful voice that goes along with the acoustic instruments. She could sing with Tarja and do marvellous. We can hear a cello, and a xylophone, which give that inner feeling of peace. It’s the calmest song. The bonus track, “Beware The Children”, starts fast and furious and we can see how the band ends in a great way with this track: fast, rasp, melodic  tempos and everything more. Brazil has every genre you can name, but Final Disaster have created one of the most important of this century and beyond. Amazing musicians and writers, they have created one of the best albums of their country. They deserve to be discovered!

♦ 9/10

Raquel Miranda




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