by MythofRock

“Aggression Continuum” is the new, tenth studio album of Fear Factory, the last one with vocalist Burton C. Bell on the microphone, since he has already left the band. The follow-up to 2015’s “Genexus” is a typical Fear Factory album. That means that every song of this new album has the signature of Dino Cazares and co., all songs have the basic characteristics of Fear Factory music – nothing more, nothing less. Does this mean that “Aggression Continuum” is as good album? Yes, it is. The fans will be satisfied, the new listeners will get excited, all the others won’t find here something special that will keep their interest after some listening sessions. In my personal opinion, “Aggression Continuum” has some good songs, for example “Recode”, “Disruptor”, “Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” and “Manufactured Hope”, but there are also many weak moments, in indifferent, filler songs, that will disappoint you. Fear Factory is a top band, from which we expect killer albums, and its new album definitely isn’t a killer album. It is a matter of artistic vision – this time the Americans faced a lack of inspiration. On the other hand, the new album is well produced, it contains incredible performances and a great passion, the sound is huge as always and the atmosphere feels marvelous. To sum up, “Aggression Continuum” is an average Fear Factory album, which sounds good, but soon will be forgotten. If you want to listen to Fear Factory, you shall begin with some of their older works. “Aggression Continuum” is a good Fear Factory album for the hardcore fans of the band.

♦ 6,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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