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After a five year break, Feanor have returned with “Power Of The Chosen One”.  It’s their second album, sung entirely in english, which combines true heavy metal  with power metal, with the help of David Shankle (ex-Manowar). This Argentinian group has done it again and this album is quite ambitious. No MIDI orchestras, plugins, synths were added. So, shall we begin? The album was produced by the guys at Studio 448, mixed and mastered by Gustavo Feanor Acosta, David Shankle and Sebastian Manta. It starts with the first single, “Rise Of The Dragon”. It begins with a kick ass drum tone, played by the mighty Emiliano Wachs, followed by a blistering guitar solo. Sven D’Anna’s (Wizard) vocals and chorus will catch up your attention and stick to your mind for sometime. And what about the guitar and the drum solo? Man!!! Do I need to say more??? Let’s fight some more. A pre-chorus starts this next song, which is the title track. More melodic and epic, is how we could describe “Power Of The Chosen One”, the second single. “This You Can Trust”, groovier and faster, features guitars, drums and bass, played by Gustavo Feanor Acosta. Gustavo and David know how to shred those guitars and bass all together. It’s amazing how Sven can personify so many characters with his voice. With “Metal Land” we see a different approch and sound of the band: softer, more elegant and harmonic. This is the true heavy metal we were looking for!  “Hell Is Waiting”, or isn’t? This one is another killer speed tune, with Manowar-style chant chorus. “Together Forever” is a rocker subdued tune, with impassionate lyrics of unity, that has beer references. And “Bringer of Pain” has magnificient choruses and brilliant guitars, it is yet more melodic and infectious.  Feanor strides so majesticly on “Lost In Battle” and this song is a hymn. A heavy metal hymn! It’s very similar to Manowar and is a very fuelled heavy metal song, that you can’t get enough of it.  “Fighting For A Dream” – this one is a great way to finish the album, it caught my attention for sure … It has a powerful atmosphere, like if you were at an opera watching a concert. This song is so brilliant. It reminds me of the 80’s. Bloody brilliant. Last but not least, “The Return Of The Metal King (The Odyssey In 9 Parts)” is the longest song and is based on the Greek poem, ‘The Odyssey’, by Homer. This song is filled with tension, fast guitars and drums. There’s even a guest musician, who plays piano here: Juan Roleri. The listener should listen this song with good headphones, to capture its essence. This album is what true metalheads desire the most: fast guitars, drums, bass slap and a bite of Manowar.  This is so great! The guys deserve it!

♦ 8,5/10

Raquel Miranda





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