by MythofRock

“The Dark Delight” is the seventh studio album for Dynazty, however, it is the first time that I listen to their music thoroughly and I am really excited about it. Without a doubt, Dynazty are delivering us a great album, from start to finish, full of energy and power. If the purpose of music is to have a good time, either by dancing to its rhythm or by expressing our feelings through it, then Dynazty have totally succeeded! It’s not that they are introducing new music paths or that they’re creating a new kind of music, but they are combining what we know until today and they are doing it very well. They are characterized as a power metal band, but the Swedes are much more than this, they surely don’t represent only the power metal genre. In Dynazty’s music you will find elements of melodic metal, symphonic metal, pop metal, hard rock and AOR – everything is perfectly combined. What you won’t find is monotony, lack of inspiration and a reason to stop listening to them! Let’s talk a little about the band members; I personally love the way Nils Molin sings, a stable voice with a large volume and tons of emotion. Words are not enough to describe the performance of the two guitarists, Mike Laver and Rob Love Magnusson (he is also an excellent keyboards player) – their guitar phrases are blended perfectly. Last but not forgotten, the tight rhythm section of bass player Jonathan Olsson and drummer George Egg, whose dynamics will flatten you out! To sum up, Dynazty offer us a wonderful album, with nice melodies, catchy guitar riffs and impressive solos. That’s music to sing along with!

♦ 9/10

Nikos Arvanitis




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