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In the dimly lit space where death and black metal converge, Drama Noir emerges with their latest offering, “Nightfall Upon the Asylum”. Let’s delve into this Greek ensemble’s dark, atmospheric soundscape, adorned with horror-laden lyrical tapestries and illuminate the intricate elements that shape Drama Noir’s sonic opus. From the first haunting notes of the intro and “284”, Drama Noir invites listeners into a sonic asylum where the boundaries between life and death blur into a shocking crescendo. The symphonic elements, skillfully woven into the fabric of their sound, evoke a sense of gothic grandeur. The guitar work, drenched in dissonance, adds layers of complexity, ensuring that each composition is a labyrinthine journey through darkness. The vocal performance on “Nightfall Upon the Asylum” stands as Drama Noir’s command over the macabre. The guttural growls and shrieks serve as a vessel for the band’s lyrical exploration of horror and despair. The nuanced delivery adds an extra layer of theatricality, transporting the listener into a world, where nightmares come to life. The band’s ability to evoke vivid imagery through their lyrics is commendable, adding a profound dimension to the album. The production quality of this album deserves special mention. Each instrument is meticulously balanced, allowing the symphonic elements to dance alongside the aggressive guitar riffs and thunderous drumming. The haunting ambiance is captured with precision, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the album. To sum up, “Nightfall Upon the Asylum” is a masterfully crafted descent into the depths of a musical madness, where symphonic elements meet the visceral intensity of death and black metal. Drama Noir’s make a commendable addition to the treasure trove of death/black metal and narrate an eerie music tale of the absurd, which stands as another triumph of the Greek extreme metal scene.

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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