by MythofRock

I didn’t understand a lot of things at the first listen of this album. However, Dmitry Wild’s “Electric Souls” is a rewarding album. Be patient, show trust and you will get much from it. Because Dmitry Wild, the singer/musician/poet/designer/author/actor from Moscow, Russia, who lives in New York, USA, is a charismatic artist that expresses himself eloquently through his fine art and welcomes us to his inner journey, as he is spreading his wings. He hasn’t a superb voice, yet his songs offer a classy mixture of garage rock, punk rock, new wave and 70s rock n’ roll. Here you will find great melodies, nice guitar phrases, irresistible grooves and a mature, smart songwriting, which lead to driving tunes. “Electric Souls” is a manifest of electrified music, which encapsulates all the basic and central ingredients of rock n’ roll. Dmitry Wild isn’t afraid to reveal himself, in heartfelt compositions of honest art. “21st Century”, “Liberation”, “God Ghost Ship”, “Summer of 21”, “Castle Walls” and “Sweet Affliction” are bold expressions of sonic beauty, moments of true and gentle passion. I like this album so much, that I have to note down the name of Dmitry Wild, as he will surely bring us something even more powerful and melodic in the near future! “Electric Souls” is a romantic confession of an electric soul. Thank you, Dmitry, because this album opened my eyes and helped me listen to music with my heart! That’s electric art!

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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