by MythofRock

Distorted Reflection is a band which will definitely gets us busy in the years ahead. The title of their first album highlights everything they represent and it passes the message of what we are about to listen. The band might be newly formed and this is their breakthrough record, however very experienced people are behind the wheels: Kostas Salomidis has many years on his back with Sorrows Path, another successful doom metal Greek band. However, with Distorted Reflection he wishes to present his personal ID on a different way, and I have to say the debut album is very interesting and worthy of attention. The album is the perfect example of how modern doom could be played, with heavy riffs, dark and melancholic lyrics but also inspired melodies and convincing vocals that leave no doubt and no place for misunderstandings. Noted is also the use of both clean and brutal vocals, to emphasize the content and the overall character of the album. The keyboards add a special tone on the tracks, blending in harmony with the heaviness and dark mood, adding to the modern and contemporary character of “Doom Rules Eternally”. The production is on very high levels of clarity, being organic and bringing forward the best of every instrument and also the direct and straightforward attitude. The duration of the songs is not very long which supports the latter and making the album compact and solid. I also need to mention that, Stelios Pavlou on drums and Vangelis Yalamas on bass, keyboards and backing vocals have done a fantastic job and have holistically contributed to this power trio playing excellent doom metal and also making this band very unique with its own sound and identity. What is also noteworthy is the fact that, there are a few guests playing on this debut album: Yiannis Drolapas with his guitar on “The Eternal Gate”, Ross Friedman with his guitar solo on “Cassandra” and Nicholas Leptos adding beautiful vocals on “Mr. Snake”. All these add more diversity to the album and make it more interesting from every perspective to the listener. “Doom Rules Eternally” shows the pathway for the modern and contemporary doom metal, where the minds and ears can be open, the messages are clear and you know that you can listen to a unique band with its own characteristics, sound and identity.

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos

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