by MythofRock

Their name is Depressive Witches, they come from France and they say they play black n’ roll. And that is absolutely true! Because in their new, sophomore album, Depressive Witches combine black metal with rock and heavy metal elements and they manage to shape their own musical character. This black n’ roll style is also based on the fun, rock n’ roll feeling/groove of the band, who obviously has a great time merging blast beats and brutal vocals with rock/metal riffs and refrains! The duo has composed nine great songs, full of catchy moments, which will stick to your mind. From the first to the last minute, this album sounds superb, thanks to the fine musicianship, the passionate performance and the amazing sound production. “Distant Kingdoms” stands as a top class studio album, ideal for those who are interested in an amusing black metal record, which sounds joyful and cheerful. Forget the gloomy, cold and mournful black metal atmospheres, and get ready for an entertaining, luminous record, which will make you feel good. I am not a black metal fan, but I really enjoyed this album, which gives a new dimension to the whole black metal style. “Distant Kingdoms” is here for all of you, who want to listen to a nice black metal record, full of passion, soul and rock/metal, positive vibes! Let the witches put a spell on you!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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