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Few voices resonate as profoundly as that of Dan McCafferty, the iconic frontman of Nazareth. With a career spanning over five decades, McCafferty left an impressive mark on the music world, and his recent passing on November 8, 2022, at the age of 76, marked the end of an era. However, his legacy continues to echo through the release of the posthumous homage, “No Turning Back – In Memory of Dan McCafferty”, a collection of undiscovered treasures from the legendary singer’s private archives. The album opens a portal to McCafferty’s creative skills, showcasing his stylistic versatility and the raw power of his distinctive voice. The previously unreleased tracks ‘Occident’ and ‘No Turning Back,’ originating from the late 1990s collaborations with German director Christoph Busse, exemplify McCafferty’s vocal range and prowess. The hauntingly beautiful ‘Children’s Eyes,’ a product of collaboration with composer Detlef Wiedeke, further unveils the depth of McCafferty’s artistry. The inclusion of ‘Into the Ring,’ ‘Starry Eyes’ and ‘Sunny Island’ from McCafferty’s solo album ‘Into the Ring’ (1987) adds a layer of nostalgia, providing insight into the singer’s imaginative ventures beyond Nazareth’s realm. These tracks, written by McCafferty himself, showcase his ability to craft emotionally charged narratives that transcend the boundaries of time. The album takes a poignant turn with ‘Going Home’ (1993), a piece from the short-lived project Seasons, featuring Scottish and Irish bagpipes, fiddles, flutes, and percussion instruments. Based on Antonín Dvořák’s ‘Largo’ from the 9th symphony ‘From the New World,’ the track shows McCafferty’s willingness to experiment with diverse musical elements. The inclusion of two current cover versions of Nazareth classics, ‘Love Hurts’ and ‘Dream On,’ sung by Panos Kalifis, pays a fitting tribute to McCafferty’s enduring influence. Kalifis’s vocal resonance, remarkably similar to McCafferty’s, adds a fresh perspective to these timeless classics. The sonic landscape of the album enhances the listening experience, capturing the essence of McCafferty’s unparalleled vocal greatness. The album cover, featuring a photo of a young Dan McCafferty, coupled with Martyn Dunn’s evocative illustrations in the accompanying booklet, creates a visual journey that complements the auditory richness. “No Turning Back – In Memory of Dan McCafferty” is a heartfelt tribute to a rock legend. It encapsulates the multifaceted brilliance of Dan McCafferty, offering fans a poignant glimpse into his artistic evolution –  his name and music will resonate for generations to come.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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