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by MythofRock

We shall be proud to have Cyanide 4. One of the most historic and charismatic glam metal bands from Greece, Cyanide 4 pique our interest with their new studio album “Amalgama”. If the band’s first two albums managed to put Cyanide 4’s name on the worldwide rock/metal map, I believe that “Amalgama” is a release, which will give them the much-wanted success. It is a mature work, carefully crafted, brilliant and cohesive, which will satisfy every strict and eclectic listener. The album includes nice, catchy melodies, with hooky refrains, which prove that the band is again inspired and has a certain vision. The guitar work and the vocals are beautifully arranged and amazingly performed – listen to the riffs, the phrases, the solos of the guitars, enjoy the vocal layers, the vocal lines, the combination of lead and backing vocals. I also found a melancholic feeling in the songs, something that makes them differ from the other sleaze metal bands. And of course, we shall praise the loud, crystal sound production, which helps the band achieve a big, fat groove. So, we finally get a very good album, heartfelt, romantic and passionate record, which will haunt you with its melodies, riffs and refrains. My personal favorites of the album are “The Secret Doctrine”, “So In Vain” and “Tragic Flaw”, but I won’t be surprised if someone else comes up with totally different songs from the album. Cyanide 4 are on a magical ride and they invite us to join them on their adventure. “Amalgama” is our ticket!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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