by MythofRock

Crystal Viper is one of the new forces of traditional heavy metal that I really like. Led by singer/guitarist Marta Gabriel, the Polish band shows everybody how classic heavy metal should be played and experienced. “The Cult” is the band’s brand new full-length album and I have to say that I am – once again – thrilled with this effort! From the first moments of the album until the very end you may hear and understand Crystal Viper’s version of true heavy metal – anthemic choruses, majestic guitar leads, dual guitar phrases and excellent solos, passionate high-pitched vocals and above all, compelling melodic hooks. All the songs of “The Cult” will carry you away to the magical decade of the 80s, however, the sound of the album is so fresh and powerful! Listen to the compositions and you will soon find yourself singing along, head-banging and begging for more! Songs like “The Cult”, “Sleeping Giants”, “Asenath Waite” and “Flaring Madness” will make you become a member of the cult! The guitarists are in the frontline with their fantastic, gigantic work, together with Marta who is singing like a siren. That’s metal madness, my friends! “The Cult” is an adorable album, which comes to make us wanna scream. I always expect the best from Marta and Crystal Viper, but this time the guys have exceeded themselves. That is genuine heavy metal, it’s like a musical book which has so many meanings and messages and waits to be read. Congratulations, Marta, excellently done – again!

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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