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A new masterpiece has come to light. Astrid K Mjøen has been working as a freelancer singer, but now she has released her own diary, as an album. Thanks to a raising campaign, “Devil Inside” is available for us now. The album starts with a prelude, “Prelude To Resurrection”, a prelude with an operatic chant opening, thunder effects, and Charlotte Stav keyboard abilities will make the fans wonder what will happen next. The chants continue on the next track, “Devil Inside”. Very bombastic and up-tempo. David Hovde (AxeToss) has executed very well the guitar lines and the guitar solo, which is very riffing. The drums played by Robert Redmax Myrhaug (Sandberg, Slagmaur, Tragediens Trone), are very well played too. Astrid’s voice sounds like some other singers, such as Sharon den Adel and Elyze Ryd. She has a beautiful voice and it was about time she released these songs. The keyboards are very robotic. The first duet comes between Astrid and Jake E (CyHra, ex-Amaranthe) in “Salvation”. It has everything that makes it a fan favorite: the melodies, the guitar riffs, the drums, the duet, the solo. Everything! Then there’s a ballad, “Forever Angel” and the highlight here, is the piano. It starts in a delicate and smooth way, that leads the track. It shows how versatile and great Astrid Klara Mjøen is with her powerful voice. She has a great voice indeed. For the grand finale, drums, bass and guitars come along. And the song ends how it starts: with a magical piano piece. “Release My Symphony” starts with an epic orchestration. Jonah Weingarten (Catalyst Crime, Pyramaze) was responsible for it, and also co-wrote the songs. Amazing power metal vibes can be heard here. The drums are in bass drumming, the guitars are powerful and we can hear a mid-tempo section. The orchestration here is king and let’s not forget the powerful guitars strings, played by Frode Hovd (Aldaria, ex-Memorized Dreams), that give this song its rythm and the bass played by Jacob Hansen, who also produced, mixed and mastered the album. The bass has an important role in power metal, so it has in this song. “Historia” is more melancholic, yet beautiful. This song opens briefly with a piano introduction, then pounding drums, followed by unison, power guitar strings, enchant with Astrid’s beautiful voice! She sings everything: the lead vocals, the harmonies and the backing vocals. Another well done track! “Queen Of The Dark” is led by Astrid’s amazing voice and orchestration. Majestic song! We must talk also about the guitar solo, but the focus here, is her voice and the orchestration. “Brother Of My Soul” is another ballad and has a very personal message for the singer. It’s about her brother! The instrumentation is very powerful and well connected. All the instruments sound elegant. “Prophecies” is the heaviest song of the record! The lead guitar is the highlight of this song and the guitars and drums give symphonic elements to the song, a very essential base to the track. There’s also a bonus track: “My Evermore”. Astrid can convey her feelings through her songs and how she feels. What is most important is that the listener can relate to it, enjoy it and understand by himself the message! It starts with a piano, followed by flute and strings. A ballad with celestial proportions! “My Kiss Of Death” has two guests: Morten Gade Sørensen (Pyramaze) on drums and Rikard Edberg (Eleine), who delivers spoken words. Here you will find again amazing orchestral arrangements … it is a very bombastic, very progressive song. “Black Angel”, that features Madeleine Liljestam (Eleine), on guest vocals and Rikard Edberg (Eleine) on lead guitars, has been saved for last! The story of good versus evil! The light versus darkness! The song begins with a chant in Latin, followed by piano and strings. Madeleine has a very operatic haunting voice! Rikard here is the lead guitar solo player. This song has dark heavy guitar riffings, very obscure melodies, provided by the guitars. The best song of the album … Astrid has opened her diary and heart and the fans are thrilled that she did, because they have met an awesome band and songwriter! They have so much to offer and hope to cath them on tour very soon!

♦ 8/10

Raquel Miranda







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