by MythofRock

Comeback Kid isn’t an outsider – we always expect the best from this band, which hails from Canada and started its career in 2000. “Outsider” is their sixth full-length album and continues their tradition of melding punk rock, hardcore and thrash metal. They give us a collection of thirteen songs which prove that the band is still inspired, thirteen songs that will increase your adrenaline – get ready for constant headbanging and moshing! The advantage of Comeback Kid is that they know how to be melodic and powerful at the same time. The dynamics and the melodies of the band will carry the listener away and its musical ideas make “Outsider” a great company for every fan of loud music. “Somewhere, Somehow”, “Hell of a Scene”, “Surrender Control”, “Recover” and “I’ll be That” are destined to grab you and throw you into the pit! With an unmistakable production, the album features cataclysmic riffs, a hellish rhythm section, and angry vocals – it is obvious that the band knows how to collect the best ingredients from different music styles. “Outsider” is the album that every Comeback Kid fan has imagined. But, hey, with such albums the band will gain new fans and grow its name even bigger!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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