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This exceptional band has its own remarkable place in the whole extreme metal sound. Carcass is a unique case, no matter the line-up changes, the sound direction or how they place themselves in the heavy metal pantheon. They have been through an evolution process since day 1, a thing which makes them a charismatic and special band. And although some music fans (not me) consider the EPs as not so much worth of, “Despicable” can really be the driving force towards their next LP, which is of course highly anticipated. Let’s hope that the current 4 songs will not appear in the LP and that we will have fresh stuff to look forward and listen to. So, today’s Carcass are: Jeff Walker (vocals and bass), Bill Steer (guitars, vocals), Daniel Wilding (drums) , and Tom Draper (guitars), and to my understanding, they seem to be playing for several years together, the bonding of the sound and how well the songs are played is almost impeccable. This EP is the perfect balance of some old school mates who play like there is no tomorrow. The tunes are at the same time very heavy, ingeniously technical and progressively complicated and at the same easily digested, while the listener enjoys changes in the speed, the mood, where there are also these distinctive guitar melodies. Pure old school Carcass. Catchy, smart, veeery heavy, cold-blooded and to the point. This is the Carcass which their fans love to listen to. Walker spits the words on his own, trademark fashion. The dual guitar riffs really blow your head and make you want to increase the volume and the rhythm section of bass and drums is the best foundation where all this sound has been created. We’re talking about very high-quality music here, an EP that makes us cannot wait for the release of the next full length, because judging from this one, it’s going to seriously kick asses!

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos






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