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South Carolina-based postpunk outfit Candy Coffins presents ‘Another Kiss’, the latest offering from their ‘Once Do It With Feeling’ album. With Cure-esque textures and melody, thematic elements and the visceral delivery of The Afghan Whigs, this 10-track collection showcases their best work to date, chronicling a relationship from the onset of the first crack to its complete crumbling dissolution.

Songwriter-singer Jame Lathren takes a deeply introspective turn on the treatment for the video, culling through literally thousands of photographs to present both the beauty and the sobering timeline of life. While the video appears to be very personal, it is one with which all of us can closely identify. Just as with life – the pivotal moments are captured, and the longer it goes on, the faster the pace seems.

“I love all the songs on the album, obviously – they’re my babies, but ‘Another Kiss’ is so special to me. I love the dynamics of the song and the brevity of, yet how impactful, the lyrics. But truly I love this song so much because the band, along with producer/engineer John Furr, were able to create what was in my head so closely – the sonic juxtaposition of the prelude to and the actual event of losing control. And many times that’s what artists are chasing, whether it be film, physical art mediums, or music – it’s that vision in your head. That’s what I am always chasing and this song gets there,” says James Lathren.

“Ever since this song was written, I have envisioned a video that presents life on a timeline with the pressing urgency that comes with time seeming to move faster as one ages, as we all experience. I was elated (and a little surprised) that I was able to get that vision pulled off so succinctly, yet eloquently, in my opinion.”

Mixed by David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers, Superchunk, Deerhunter) at Chase Park Transduction (Athens, Georgia), the ‘Once Do It With Feeling’ album was produced and engineered by John Furr (E.Z. Shakes, Flippants) at Pow Pow Sound (Columbia, South Carolina).

‘Another Kiss’ follows the short film for ‘Tangled Up In Teacups’, the third act crescendo of a relationship in a tailspin with an urban ballerina-themed video produced and directed by The Pierson Collective. Earlier, the band previewed lead singles ‘Every Day A Fresh Atrocity’ and ‘Seaside Girls’.

Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jame Lathren formed Candy Coffins in 2018 in Columbia, South Carolina. A cultural outcast, his resilience, sensitivity and hyper-awareness of his emotional state would ultimately permeate his own music, getting right to the heart of the emotions surrounding the human condition.

After disbanding his band Crown The Cake, he formed Candy Coffins with hometown guitar legend Tom Alewine (Bachelors of Art), followed by seasoned bassist Alex Mabrey, keyboardist Justin Purdy and drummer Jonathan Bradley (Iron & Wine). With dynamic and textured approach, the band’s trademark lush sound bolsters Lathren’s emotive songwriting and delivery.

With tasteful nods to Joy Division, The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs, The Afghan Whigs and The Cult, as well as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spiritualized, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Interpol, Candy Coffins’ sound is dark and emotionally restless, but with elements of hope and elation. Defiantly unique, their sound is a welcome respite from musical mediocrity.

The ‘Once Do It With Feeling’ LP is out now and is available everywhere digitally, including SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp, where it can be ordered directly from the artist. Candy Coffins will be playing a series of shows this spring-summer – find more information and tickets.


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