by MythofRock

Furious, merciless, relentless! Fast, heavy, harsh! All these adjectives could describe Byfist and their music! Byfist play in a US metal style, standing at the crossroads of power and speed metal, and take everything by storm with their straightforward, in-your-face, breathtaking metal tunes. They started their career at the mid-80s, they released some singles and an EP, but only now they manage to release their debut full-length album. Pure Steel Records gives home to these lost legends, who grabed the opportunity and unleash the beast they were hiding inside. Byfist’s steel is of the finest quality – they tear everything down with their sharp guitars, the high-pitched vocals of Raul Garcia (a real lunatic!), the pounding rhythm section. Apart from their excellent performance, the Americans express large amounts of inspiration in this list of eight songs. I like every song very much – from the metal … hit “Universal Metal” to the cover of Reverend’s epic opus (“Scattered Wits”), all Byfist songs sound great, you will love every minute of this album. So, it is time for this band to get more known, they surely deserve your attention, even if you don’t belong to the power/speed metal enthusiasts. “In the End” contains first class metal and is the perfect chance for you to become familiar with these obscure diamond! Come on you brothers and sisters of metal, this is Byfist, give them a try!

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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