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Following a period where the band went through changes and creative formation, Blues Pills break out with ‘Holy Moly!’, a beautiful record, catching up where they have left us, but with new and fresh ideas and being on a high form. Their third album is a dynamic and powerful statement of their creative hard rock, blues rock, psychedelic rock – the span of their influences is vast – inspirations.

Elin Larsson is the focal point, not only because she is Blues Pills’ voice, but because the way she sings and captures every single second of all songs is magical, fetching, delightful and above all very powerful and distinctive. Everything in ‘Holy Moly!’ is very familiar of course, the band has kept its DNA untouched on the core principles, sound-wise, influences-wise, however, the songwriting has shifted a bit in a more mature and direct way. It’s characteristic that, on the song ‘California’ , the psychedelic, melodic and lyric feeling has been blended with straight forward and powerful guitar riffs and drumming, with a very smooth and sensational ending. “Rhythm in Blood” is a familiar tune for the fans of the band, also dynamic, fuzzy and direct in all its elements. ‘Dust’ has references to Led Zeppelin and is a perfect example of Elin’s ability to sing in such a unique way, charming and convincing. ‘Kiss my Past Goodbye’ is another trademark Blues Pills tune, fuzzy-psychedelic guitars, fantastic vocals, solid and funky rhythm section from another era and the listener is absolutely seduced, having the desire to get up and dance to that rhythm! Pure joy! She sings “I hold my head up high – I kiss my Past Goodbye” and it seems that all past is over, leaving open all interpretations of course. ‘Wish I’d known’ has also a reference to the past, and this is a really beautiful and emotional song, with an American flair in a way, a tender song, touching broken hearts with the powerful lyrics and gorgeous guitar leads and riffs. Simply awesome …

The last three songs are all very emotional in their way, the themes and the way they are delivered, very touching and delicate: “Bye Bye Birdie”, “Song From A Mourning Dove” and “Longest Lasting Friend” complete a great record, which marks the convincing return of a band capable for everything and more. Production-wise things are very warm and organic, the sound perfectly fits the overall feeling and enhances the status of Blues Pills into the rock scene. Their future can only be promising. Their present is definitely bright and convincing. Let this album seduce you and get carried away.

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos


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