by MythofRock

Bike is a neo-psychedelic rock band, hailing from Brazil, and is considered one of the finest psychedelic rock acts worldwide. “Arte Bruta” is their new, fifth album and now that I am listening to it, I can understand why they are so much celebrated. Bike sounds like a typical psychedelic rock group, being influenced by the 60s/early 70s pop and rock psychedelia, yet you may discover many other influences on their music – elements from space rock, heavy rock, ethnic/folk music, kraut rock, post-punk,  etc. The Brazilians use several ingredients in their recipe and fortunately, manage to create something beautiful, robust and driven, away from clichés and dated concepts. But the most interesting thing about Bike is the fact that they have melodies in their music, to which the listener can easily relate. Here you will meet catchy vocal lines, memorable guitar parts, and above all, a great, fuzzy, vintage groove, which makes the songs irresistible. Bike has feeling in their songs, creates a unique atmosphere and sends you on a wonderful trip. Apart from the aforementioned characteristics, Bike can be proud of being so fresh, soulful and unpretentious, offering us a classy, tasty, passionate psychedelic pop/rock album. I won’t mention certain tracks off this exciting new Bike album, I just would like to emphasize that these songs work like a time machine, which sends you back in the late 60s! Get ready for a wonderful mind trip, forget about today, leave everything behind and Bike will do all the rest!

♦ 8,5

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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