by MythofRock

Berkley is the nom de plume of recording engineer Andrew Jones and ‘Pueblo’ is his indie pop debut album. Like all indie pop albums, ‘Pueblo’ showcases a unique blend of catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and creative musicianship. It is enchanting and transports the listener to a dreamy, ethereal realm. Berkley, the talented singer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter behind the album, crafts a captivating musical experience with his soulful vocals and thoughtful lyrics. The album is a journey through human emotions, exploring a vast musical universe, and opens with a beautiful, instant hit, ‘Pueblo Nights’, which sets the tone for all the miraculous soundscapes that will follow. Berkley’s velvety voice glides over dreamy synthesizers and gentle guitar strums, creating a mesmerizing, dreamy atmosphere. The melodies are strong and catchy, and I can’t help stop singing those celestial phrases! The tracks have a slow tempo, which, combined with the warmth of Berkley’s music, create a secret, comfortable, secure haven for the listeners. The arrangements are ambitious, the production gives a clear, deep sound to the notes and a never-ending romance is created here. If you are not an indie/alternative pop enthusiast, don’t think it too much – albums like ‘Pueblo’ will capture your interest! Listen to the anthems of this guy and you will be super-satisfied! Berkley is here to stay!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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