by MythofRock

When it comes to Ayreon, you always expect brilliant songs from awesome albums. Arjen Lucassen, the man behind Ayreon, is an expert, a prog music master who knows how to deliver the goods. This time, the new Ayreon album is entitled “The Source” and it is just needless to say that the big number of distinguished musicians, who are contributing to the project, are giving their full potential. “The Source” is another amazing musical dream, is a masterpiece of progressive rock and metal music that will satisfy all the strict fans of the subgenre. Although Ayreon is not a band but a collaboration of musicians, the final result sounds very tight, it is the outcome of hard work and true inspiration. You will find everything here, you fans of Yes, Rush and Dream Theater; ambitious arrangements, excellent songwriting, great musicianship, beautiful melodies! Of course, Ayreon manage to combine high technique with emotion and passion, as they always did. Everything is working perfectly in this new album, which is long in duration and deep in its content. Unlike most prog rock/metal albums, “The Source” attracts the fan instantly with its catchy vocal lines/key phrases/guitar riffs. Once you give this album a try, the message is sent and the mission is accomplished! Prepare yourselves for a prog rock/metal celebration that will blow your mind.

→ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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