by MythofRock

German singer/guitarist Andrea Weiß (known as a member of Black Daffodils) comes to the forefront with Andy Rocks and its debut EP, “Porcelain Heart”. What do we have here? Well, imagine a fusion of Sheryl Crow, Foo Fighters, Cranberries and Red Hot Chili Peppers. With a strong sense of melody, clever guitar work, sweet vocals and an analogue, warm, vintage sound. Andy Rocks presents us three songs, with all the aforementioned ingredients, three catchy, easy to remember songs, in an alternative rock vein, which isn’t limiting though, since you may find here even classic rock, even blues rock elements! Thus, we welcome Andy Rocks, who manages to get into our mind and heart with its simplicity, warmness and immediacy. “Drag You Down”, “Long Lost Love” and “Porcelain Heart” are nice songs, which express Andrea’s inspiration and feelings – the result of this EP is soulful, feel-good rock music, which calms down the listener. It’s obvious that Andrea rocks and has fun with her great, fresh composing ideas. What she feels comes across to the listener, who will also have a fantastic time! Andy Rocks is giving us another song to listen to, the “Digital Detox” single, which showcases a more poppy side of the band. This tuneful, appealing song will make you shake and dance! To sum up, this German band proves with its songs that it has all the skills, all the potential to be successful in the contemporary rock scene. Andy Rocks is an alternative rock newcomer, who is here to stay!

♦ 7/10

Michalis Kapetanakis



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