by MythofRock


Amorphis is a synonym for quality. Even now, so many years, so many albums after the beginning, Amorphis continue to have a fine musicianship and the songwriting genious to create great musical works and stand out from the masses. This time the magnum opus is titled “Halo”, another album of which the Finnish artists should be proud. Their personal characteristics are present here, the band’s emotional dark atmospheric metal with the gothic, psychedelic and folk dimensions will mesmerise the listener and the beautiful, melancholic cosmos of Amorphis sounds so enchanting. The songs of “Halo” have the perfect melodies, the wise structures and the ideal soundscapes, which form a mysterious, strange and precious gift for all of us. “Halo” is the perfect album for everyone who wants to travel with music, for everyone who wants to “dive” in an ocean of feelings, rhythms and musical notes. You should not expect something mellow or light, since the album has energy and passion, is powerful and heavy, with a consummate sound production, which gives every instrument a significant role. To all of these, we should add several extras … you will find here nice keyboards, the exotic sitar, melodramatic choirs, which come in an antithesis with the loud guitars, the brutal vocals, the solid drum sounds … The way Amorphis blends psychedelia and folk music with the metal sound is for one more time extraordinary! The band’s music is like a journey to nature – lakes, forests, mountains and hills! If you want to go for a ride to a beautiful wilderness, just trust Amorphis and “Halo”.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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