by MythofRock

After a long hiatus, Allison proved they still got the power to keep on going. And what better way to prove than with an album and a new lineup? “They Never Come Back” is the name of the record and has way more to tell us! Ten songs of pure hard rock and much more. Let’s hit it with the first track, shall we? “The River” starts with “punch in the stomach” guitars, played by Jonny Stutz and Robi Würgler. Janet La Rose has one of the best and roughest vocals in the business, we can distinguish and appreciate her. One can easily play air guitar, but the song also has some blues elements! Want some hard rock roots, blues and cowboy vibes? Then “Edge Of Golden Days” is for you! Sean Evans on the drums and Pierce Baltino on the bass give it all. Should I forget to mention that this song has a didgeridoo? Well, howdy, partner! “Crank It Up” follows the same tempo and features, but in a modern, fast and brutal way. “Hang Tough” reminds the ballads of the 80s, especially Gary Moore. This one has a heart and soul of its own, the instruments can speak for themselves! “Beautiful World” has one of the best structured/played solos of the year … Very well organized, with a great quality and Janet’s super power voice! For the lovers of blues, “Blackbird” has the formula that they will love! Janet can sing every genre! “Merry-Go-Round” has a Bon Jovi influence, especially a Richie Sambora style. What makes this song so incredible are the choruses. Beautiful! “Rock High” continues with strong choruses, Richie Sambora style, 80s vibe and guitar solos! “Can You Hear Me” is the fastest song, the most uprising of them all and is quite a surprise. What a mid-tempo! Sit back and enjoy it! The last one is “Open Water” and is a fresh one. They couldn’t have ended up with a better track. A dreamy one … This album has songs for every fan and every one will like it! We can say: WELCOME BACK, BOYS AND GIRL!

♦ 8/10

Raquel Miranda



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