by MythofRock

Magnus Karlsson, the distinguished Swedish guitarist/songwriter/producer, offered us three amazing albums with the duets of Russell Allen and Jorn Lande. Things are different now, since this time Karlsson presents us the collaboration of Allen with a female singer, none other than ex-Nightwish frontwoman, Anette Olzon. If you liked the Allen/Lande albums, then you will be excited with this new project! Prepare yourselves for great melodic heavy/power metal music, which serves as the perfect basis for the outstanding performances of Allen and Olzon. Karlsson is led by a torrent of inspiration and comes up with wonderful compositions, which stand out due to the beautiful melodies. Apart from the melodic ideas, Karlsson delivers us a big production with inimitable soundscapes, where flaming guitars and fantastic keyboards have a significant role. Of course, we must emphasize on the marvelous matching of the two vocalists, who give their best and build a unique vocal construction. This paradise of melodies is the ideal field for Allen and Olzon; we all knew what Allen is capable of doing, but Olzon singing may be a good surprise, even for the Nightwish fans, since Olzon shows every aspect of her dynamics as a vocalist. We must congratulate the three protagonists (Karlsson, Allen, Olzon) for their excellent work in an enjoyable album, which will satisfy even the doubters. Don’t miss this nice piece of melodic metal music!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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