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by MythofRock

Before listening to ”Legends”, I didn’t know what to expect from All For Metal. I thought that I would listen to a traditional heavy metal band or a true metal band, but that’s not the story here. All For Metal is a modern melodic metal band, with many different elements, from power metal and folk metal to gothic and cinematic metal. The right word for All For Metal is diversity – not only diversity of the styles, but also diversity of the vocals; this band experiments with clean, brutal, gothic vocals and choirs. Apart from this variety, you will find here anthemic songs with catchy melodies that will make you sing along, riffs that cut like a knife, generally, great song ideas, full of freshness, energy and power! I like all the songs, however, my favorites are “Goddess of War”, “Born In Valhalla”, ““Raise Your Hammer”, ”Run”, “Mountain of Power” and “The Day of Hammerfall”. The band writes perfect music and lyrics, has a stunning groove in all its songs and its vision will take you by surprise! This debut album is excellent – I had years to listen to such a fantastic debut album! All For Metal aim high and they reach their goals, even with their first official release! We are talking about an epic album of majestic heavy metal in the vein of Sabaton, Powerwolf, Battle Beast etc. Stop here and have a listen – All For Metal will win your interest. This band is doing everything for metal, they surely deserve our attention!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos







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