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Two years after “Detroit Stories”, Alice Cooper proudly presents us his new, twenty-ninth studio album, “Road”. It is almost a concept album, since it talks about Alice Cooper’s experience from the life on the road. It was recorded live on studio with his touring band with the famous Bob Ezrin on the production helm. What finally comes to our hands is a traditional hard rock album. Alice Cooper does what he knows best, he rocks hard with his bandmates and the outcome is fantastic! Just bring to your mind Alice Cooper’s 70s hard rock sound, without the epic, dramatic and progressive elements, and you will understand what is going on here. “Road” is a guitar-driven album, gritty, loud and furious, with huge melodic hooks, catchy refrains, edgy riffs, successive crazy guitar solos, the attractive hard rock n’ roll groove and an excellent vocal performance from Alice Cooper. Every Alice Cooper fan will have a great time with “Road”, which combines the heavy hitters with the autobiographical lyrics. All the songs have things to give – the fantastic hit single “White Line Frankenstein”, the super heavy “Dead Don’t Dance” and “The Big Goodbye”, “All Over The World”, which reminded me of Aerosmith, “Big Boots”, which reminded me of AC/DC, the sentimental ballad “Baby Please Don’t Go” and the heart-breaking “100 More Miles”, everything here is treasure. With “Road”, Alice Cooper re-introduces himself to the listeners, makes an album, which kicks serious ass, and looks to the future with a bright smile!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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