by MythofRock

Although his recent albums have things to say, I don’t think that Alice Cooper fans are that much satisfied with these releases. This time Alice Cooper is coming back with “Detroit Stories” and I would say that we have to do with a really nice album, the best Alice Cooper album since years. First of all, it rocks big time, like a sincere, genuine hard rock would do. The beloved artist keeps away from his flirt with heavy metal, doesn’t try to shock us and focuses on rock r’ roll. Dirty, good ol’ rock n’ roll! Yes, here you will find hard rock tunes, with many other influences – from R & B and hard rockin’ blues to power pop and punk rock! And the interesting and nice thing is the fact that Alice Cooper seems to be pretty much inspired. Fresh, catchy song ideas become crunchy riffs, big refrains and shakin’ grooves, Alice Cooper sings like he’s a teenager, the guitars bite and devour and the fine production boosts everything up! “Detroit Stories” is a deeply personal album for Alice Cooper, he is singing his life story and Detroit City celebrates its rock n’ roll side! That’s why here you will find some cover songs from artists like The Velvet Underground, Bob Seger, MC5 etc. And we are talking about great versions by a true, legendary Detroit rocker!  Generally, I loved this album and so will you, if you are into Alice Cooper. A rock disc for all of you, rock n’ rollers.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos







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