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Agarthic started its journey in 2019, founded by bassist Mattia Gosetti and vocalist Valeriano De Zordo. They call themselves a symphonic metal band, I would say that they play in a power/progressive metal style with symphonic and cinematic elements. “The Inner Side” is the band’s debut album, and I think it is a fine record, ideal for the power/prog fans. However, frankly, the first times I listened to this album, I didn’t like it, I thought it lacked inspiration. It is a rewarding album though. After several listening sessions, I believe it is a fine piece of art, a nice album, where power metal meets progressive metal, with a lot of other elements merged. It is what we call a rewarding album that grows within you every time you give it a listen. Of course, Agarthic doesn’t reinvent power/prog metal, the Italians don’t discover a new style of music and their influences are apparent and clear – bands like Vanden Plas and Pain of Salvation came to my mind. Yet, “The Inner Side” is a fascinating experience, an adventurous, unforgettable musical journey – listen to the wonderful music, read the lyrics of the concept and fly away. Generally, Agarthic are bringing back the glorious days of the power/prog 90s, when we lived the zenith of that genre. Agarthic has also achieved to make emotional music, with passion and soul – their power/prog isn’t only complex and technical, but also a soundscape, where tales are told and feelings are expressed. With a bombastic production by Aldo Lonobile and exceptional performances by each band member, “The Inner Side” stands as a genuine power/prog gem, which you should add to your record collection.

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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