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WormHoleDeath presents Little Pig to its roster.

Italian rock/metal trio LITTLE PIG signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their self-titled album “Little Pig”, due for release on January 27th, 2023. The band, speaking about the collaboration with Wormholedeath stated: “We are very excited to sign with Wormholedeath and to be part of this big family of talented people. Since the first conversations with the owner Carlo Bellotti, we felt at home. We truly believe that Wormholedeath is the right place to develop our music and we’re eager to form a great partnership for the future. Wormholedeath will release and distribute our first album “Little Pig”, and we’re looking forward to it.”

Little Pig is an alternative heavy rock grunge trio from Milan formed by Agos, guitar and voice, Mago, drums, and Alessio, voice, and bass. During the first times of the pandemic in 2020, the three musicians, all coming from various original projects and sharing a passion for grunge music playing in a tribute band, decided to create a new project. Guitarist/co-vocalist Agos put some songs out of the closet. Influences such as Alternative Rock, Grunge, and Nu Metal were the base to create an original mix and soon the band developed its own style, giving life to the tracks of their first album “Little Pig”.The first intent was to take ourselves not too seriously (hence the name “Little Pig”), while being very thorough in composition and arrangement. Along with all members sharing their musical influences and creating an original style, the songs are based on their personal experiences. The main themes are love, damnation, addiction, and salvation.

Alessio Suzzi – Vocals & Bass
davide “Mago” Maghini – Drums
Agostini “Agos” marino – Vocals & Guitars

“Little Pig” tracklist

1. 27
2. Cameo
3. Little Pig
4. Hardened Soul
5. Call Me When I’m Dead (My Friend)
6. Uncle Jack
7. Fire In The Sky
8. Disappear


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