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WormHoleDeath Records expands global partnership with Zero By One Sound Studio.

Press Release

WormholeDeath is thrilled to announce that Jason Ruch and Randy Ball of Zero By One Sound ( 0x1 Sound ) have been named to lead audio and video productions for WormholeDeath USA and EpicTronic.

In making the announcement, Carlo Bellotti, CEO of WormHoleDeath / EpicTronic said, “I have received a good amount of submissions from bands that worked with Jason at his production compound, Zero By One. We here at Wormhole were blown away by his productions. The bands were very proud to have worked at Zero By One with Jason, crafting a production that was unique to each band. Having Jason and Randy on our American team will give bands from the USA an opportunity to benefit from this great alliance. Jason will also help our office in Los Angeles seek out new bands for our roster. I am absolutely excited to work with the team at Zero By One Sound.”

Jason Ruch is an American music producer and audio engineer, who is known for his work in the dark rock and metal genres. Jason has also worked within a number of other musical genres including Darkwave, Goth, Hardcore, and Punk. Jason works out of his own commercial recording studio, Zero By One Sound, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA.

In addition to working with musical acts, Jason is well-known in the horror attraction industry for his unique sound design work. His sound design company, Audio Zombie, provides the horror industry with over-the-top sound effects and musical compositions. His work can be found pouring out of the sound systems from some of the top haunted attractions and animatronics companies throughout the world. He has also composed music and effects for many films and television productions, a few of which won awards in the sound category. Jason has also created an entire line of sound effect libraries under his Audio Zombie brand.

Randy Ball has been working with Jason at Zero By One Sound since 2017 as a music producer, audio editor, and recording engineer. Randy has also worked on several television and film productions at Zero By One Sound as a sound designer and foley mixer for companies such as Syfy, Cartoon Network, and The Food Network. 

In addition to his history as an audio engineer, Randy is a director, videographer, and photographer. Randy has brought Zero By One Sound into the visual medium as lead videographer. Randy and Jason produce short films, music videos, and documentaries out of their Cherry Hill location. 

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