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During the band’s first concert in 13 months, W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Lawless performed while seated. This event took place on Thursday, June 6, at this year’s Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden.

On the May 29 episode of SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,” Blackie Lawless provided an update on his health. This came nearly 10 months after he successfully underwent surgery to treat two herniated discs and a broken vertebra. Lawless said: “It’s been a long road. Anytime you go through rehab, and we’ve done it for 35, 40 years, every time you have an injury, you’ve gotta go through rehab. And any athlete will tell you that it’s a lonely walk. Nobody can help you when you do it. You’re with your trainers two hours a day. That leaves you 22 hours of every day to just sit and think in rehab. And a lot of funny things go through your head when you’re doing that. And, like I said, it’s a lonely walk. And it’s incremental, the healing process — you don’t see it all overnight. And when you start with the trainers, they tell you, ‘Just be patient, just be patient,’ because, as any warrior will tell you, your natural instinct is to run, and you just cannot do that when you’ve gone through something that’s pretty serious like that. But we’re getting there. And we’re pretty much up to speed now”.

Confirming that Sweden Rock Festival would be W.A.S.P.’s first show back, Lawless said: “Like I said, you’ve gotta remember, I’ve been in rehab for nine months now. What those guys do to you, that’s a torture chamber. It really is. And they’re making sure that I’m up and running because… I mean, the guys that I’m working with here are also part of the U.S. Olympic team, the doctors. And the best way to put it is they’re quite thorough with what they have you do, but I would strongly suggest to anybody that’s had any kind of physical injuries like this, don’t try to do rehab on your own. You really need some professionals to work with, because you can go online and look at those exercises all you want, but until you’ve got somebody with you monitoring you, correcting you, keeping you in line, it’s natural for the body to cheat, especially if it’s had an injury. And these guys will stand there and they will not let you cheat. And that’s really for your own good, because they’ll tell you that they have people that will come to them three, four months after that person’s had an injury and has been in the gym the whole time and wasted their time for that three to four months because they weren’t doing the exercises right and they weren’t seeing any results. So it’s really important that you get some pros next to you that… I mean, I know everybody’s not gonna be able to get Olympic doctors to look after ’em, but still, there’s qualified folks out there. You’ve gotta really get somebody that knows what they’re doing”.

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