by MythofRock

Vio-lence has completed its work on new music in over thirty years! The reunited Bay Area thrashers have finished their new EP, which will hit the stores around the end of summer via Metal Blade Records. 

The sessions took place at Trident Studios in Pacheco, California with producer Juan Urteaga (Testament, Machine Head, Exodus, etc).

Phil Demmel, guitarist of Vio-lence, shared a photo from the studio and the following message: “And that’s a WRAP!!! New VIO-recording is done. On to the mix and one step closer to your ears!!!! Thanks to Juan Urteaga for giving us his best and getting some awesome performances. So excited to share with you all what we’ve been working on”. Sean Killian (vocals) previously described the new material as “a cross between ‘Eternal [Nightmare]’ [1988], ‘Oppressing [The Masses]’ [1990] and also our ’93 demo. It’s fast, it’s heavy. We’ve got a couple of good chunk riffs and stuff like that,” he explained. “We wanna get stuff in that’s gonna start a pit up too. But we think people are gonna go crazy when they hear it. We’ve got some heavy lyrics, some heavy subjects. I mean, we’re not a political band by any means, so when I say ‘heavy,’ it’s just heavy shit that comes out of my demented head”.



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