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Legendary singer Udo Dirkschneider spoke to TNT Radio Rock and once again ruled out the possibility of an Accept reunion. When asked to comment the fact that almost all the members of Accept’s classic lineup are no longer in the band, Udo said: “There is only one guy left: Wolf Hoffmann. To call this Accept — it’s completely a different thing. A lot of people say, ‘Yeah, what about the whole story with Accept…?’ Blah blah blah. I don’t wanna say anything bad. Wolf is a great guitar player. He’s a great guy — I know that. But one thing, and that’s why never ever can happen again a reunion or stuff like that, is he was stealing my name. A long time ago, in ’81, when we had to sign some papers. I was really young, and, ‘Yeah, okay,’ I signed my contracts. There was some paper in between [all the others], and he [got] the rights [to the Accept name]. But it was not Wolf [who orchestrated it]; I think it was now his wife. She was the manager of Accept, and she was clever to put the [Accept] name on Wolf Hoffmann. And this is the thing that makes me still angry — he was really stealing the name. I mean, I was making Accept in ’68. In the end, as a person, [he’s] definitely a great guitar player, a great guy. It’s history. I think I’m quite successful with U.D.O. If I want, I can do anytime a tour under [the name] Dirkschneider and play Accept songs. If I really say, ‘Okay, I wanna do this again,’ no problems at all. But the rest, in a way, is history. For example, I was working with [fellow former Accept members] Peter Baltes and Stefan Kaufmann together on the single ‘Where The Angels Fly’, and everybody was, like, ‘Oh, what is this? This is more Accept than Accept is doing now at the moment.’ We’ll see. Maybe I’ll do something more also with this project.”

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