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Brazilian folk metal band Tuatha de Danann ended the year 2022 with the release of their new single and music video, “The Nameless”. The song shows a band that knew how to reconnect with its past, even though it continues to constantly evolve its sound, experiencing one of the creative peaks of the band close to completing 30 years on the road. The music video for “The Nameless” was produced by Raoni Joseph, with footage by Daniel Toli and Simão Domingos. The external recordings were made at the roundabout in the Minas Gerais town of Ribeirão Vermelho, located in Campo das Vertentes. The song anticipates the next Tuatha de Danann album, the band’s eighth full length album, which should be released in the first half of 2023, and which according to vocalist and multiinstrumentalist Bruno Maia, contains elements not so common in the most recent production of the band, but that doesn’t distance them from the genre they pioneered, folk metal.

“It is a more dark, dramatic and emotional song, which evokes some influences that we have used since the beginning of the band”, highlighted Bruno Maia.

The release of “The Nameless” was accompanied by a merchandising kit based on its beautiful cover art, created by Rodrigo Barbieri, now available for sale on the band’s website. “The Nameless” lyrics discuss about social and historical issues, and one of its inspirations is the German philosopher Walter Benjamin and his ‘Theses on the Concept of History’.

Bruno comments: “In the lyrics we try to bring the excluded, dominated and defeated to the center and focus of the work. For Benjamin it is only possible to have real justice if there is historical and memory justice. This song, both the voice melodies, settings and letter finds its greatest inspiration in some of these theses from the history of Benjamin”.



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