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The Waterstriders has just released two new singles, off their new album, “ My name is EXPECTATION” (“Love Is A Friend” and “Can I Settle For a Night?”). Right below you can watch the accompanying videos and read the official press release.

The WaterStriders, the four-piece indie rock and garage pop band from Athens, Greece, have just released (November 4, 2022, Old Bad Habits Label) their debut LP, already making a splash in the local as well as international waters of underground indie music. Their record, beautifully produced and mixed by the infamous Bob Katsionis, is given the highly original title “My name is EXPECTATION,” which is suggestive of the expectations regarding the album, the originality of the songs in it and the profundity of their lyrics about love, life, friendship and hypocrisy. Things are beginning to shape up for the foursome in the WaterStriders who seem enthusiastically committed to insightfully combining indie rock tunes from the 90s in Britain with a garage and surf touch from the American alternative scene of the 90s and 00s. The band have given their all to make their debut release a must not just for indie rock audiences but for larger audiences as well, while their gigs do not leave much to be desired, a blend of passion, emotional depth, musical accuracy and rock’ n ’roll energy. You must not miss out on their live performances. Catch The WaterStriders live at Temple live stage (Athens, Greece) on Thursday, December 22, 2022 and do not miss the official live presentation of their debut album on February 5, 2023, at Sixdogs, Athens, Greece.

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