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Earlier this year, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS initiated an extraordinary open audition for an extra guitarist to accompany them on their upcoming tour. This unconventional approach sent shockwaves across the Internet, sparking a frenzy of media buzz and fan excitement. Prompted by a simple social media announcement, over 10,000 hopefuls eagerly submitted applications for the chance to join the band on the road. Lead vocalist Billy Corgan meticulously sifted through the submissions, narrowing down the field of candidates who were then invited to audition in person for the coveted touring guitarist position last month in Los Angeles.

Today, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS proudly introduce the exceptionally talented veteran instrumentalist Kiki Wong as their newest addition to the touring lineup. Kiki will join long-standing members Jack Bates on bass and Katie Cole, who contributes guitar, keys, and vocals, as they embark on their upcoming tour.

“First off, I really want to thank everyone who submitted materials for consideration. It wasn’t an easy decision with how much great guitar playing we were lucky enough to hear and see over the past few months.

“I was a fan of Kiki’s before she submitted her name to be considered — and it’s great that someone of her acumen will be part of our touring family. I can’t wait to hit the road with Kiki as part of our mad circus.

“It’s definitely an exciting moment for THE SMASHING PUMPKINS to be this busy with touring in 2024. We’ll see you all this summer!”

Originating from Los Angeles, California, Wong boasts a lifelong dedication to music, having honed her craft from a young age. Her impressive resume includes collaborations with renowned artists such as Taylor Swift, Usher, and Bret Michaels, as well as contributions to notable rock outfits like NYLON PINK, HELLFIRE HEART, and her current endeavor, VIGIL OF WAR. With a deep-seated admiration for THE SMASHING PUMPKINS spanning her entire life, Kiki’s journey to join the band feels like destiny fulfilled.

“It’s been an absolute wild ride, but I am beyond honored and humbled to be chosen to perform alongside some of rock’s greatest and most influential musicians of all time,” said Wong. “I never thought little ole 15-year-old me playing metal guitar in my bedroom would amount to this moment. It goes to show hard work and perseverance truly pays off if you’re willing to push through the tough stuff, so never lose hope out there. I am so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to share the stage with the legendary SMASHING PUMPKINS!”

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