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Austin rock duo The Caughtery presents ‘The Rain Song’, leaving their own distinguished mark on the Led Zeppelin classic. Produced and recorded by David Gayler at Studio71West in Spicewood, Texas, this was mixed by legendary producer Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, Tin Machine, U2, Ozzy Osbourne, HIM, The Mission), who also worked with Robert Plant on his ‘Shaken n Stirred’ solo album. To boot, Palmer also contributes additional guitar. 

Formed in 2020, The Caughtery is long-time Austin music veterans Lisa Tingle and David Gayler, whose contemporary rock output is influenced by musical threads running from the 60s through 00s. Their 2022 debut EP ‘The Caughtery’ presents a series of “musical paintings”, expressing the pressure and fragility of the human state over the last few years.

“This is one of Led Zeppelin’s most beautiful songs. A beautiful ballad legendarily created based on George Harrison’s belief and comments to the band members that Led Zeppelin needed to compose more ballads. Mr. Plant and Page apparently took that to heart and created this masterpiece,” says Lisa Tingle.

“Lisa and I wanted to do our thing on this and keep it organic and respect the original intent and feel. We hope we accomplished that. Personally, Lisa recalls loving this particular song when she was a little girl, dreaming of someday singing and recording it,” says David Gayler.

“Throughout her singing career, she has frequently added Led Zeppelin songs to her setlists at most of her shows, feeling akin to the writing and vocal style. ‘The Rain Song’ marks the third Led Zeppelin song she has recorded. Her first record deal with her band Black Pearl included her rendition of ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ and her ‘Live at the Lucky Lounge’ solo album includes ‘Ramble On’ too.”

The duo brought on some amazing players for this song. Bass guitarist Ricky Phillips (Styx, Coverdale / Page, Bad English) shared his skills and also played with Jimmy Page himself in the past on the Coverdale / Page album.

Three-time Grammy-winning drummer Brannen Temple plays from the heart and his performance on this song has so much elegance and power at the same time. Scottie Miller contributed so much to this song with tasteful and enchanting piano work and cinematic string work.

Lisa Tingle has received multiple honors at the Austin Music Awards (Female Vocalist of the Year, Band of the Year, Best Song, Musician of the Year, Album of the Year), and has toured / performed with legends such as Etta James, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble, Eric Johnson, Stephen Bruton, Monte Montgomery and Marcia Ball.
David Gayler is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and studio owner based in Spicewood, Texas. Having moved here from New York in the mid-80s, Gayler has been in various bands over the years, opening for such notable artists as The Romantics, Charlie Sexton and Jerry Jeff Walker, and was also a member of the Party Band during MTVs journey down to Texas in the late 1980s

‘The Caughtery’ EP is available everywhere digitally, including such platforms as  Apple MusicSpotify and Amazon


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