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Steve Lake (Zounds) and Mia Dean‘s Blood Moon Wedding stream new noir-themed, psych/art/post-punk album. 

Legendary English punk rocker Steve Lake of Zounds and American singer Mia Dean released their anticipated noir-themed record, “Blood Moon Wedding: An American Nightmare”. The psych-fueled, art/post-punk album by the duo is out now (7 April) via Mobilization Recordings.

Of the album, Lake informs: 
“Making the record was an exciting musical and lyrical adventure for me because it moved me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to experiment with ideas I have previously shied away from. In the end, I was overjoyed with what we did.”

Adds Dean: 
“This is ultimately an album about love and human connection, and making it was a portal out of our own pain.”

Blood Moon Wedding: An American Nightmare comes as a lavishly packaged vinyl two-record set with a lyric book and a limited CD; can be ordered on Bandcamp.

Stream the album in its full on your preferred digital media and Follow Blood Moon Wedding on Social Media HERE.

Blood Moon Wedding is a road trip of horrors through an alternate reality. Set in the sprawling deserts of the United States, Steve and Mia find themselves trapped in a shadow world where death and love are the only way through the gates of space and time. Exploring themes of mass murder, gun violence, and trauma bonding, Blood Moon Wedding is a dramatic commentary on the violence in American society.

Blood Moon Wedding is a themed album of dramatic songs, atmospheric soundscapes and magical-realist spoken word. It was written by Mia and Steve, in California and the South West of England during the 2020 lockdown, and brought to life with the support of Oakland Composer Tom Dean (Antler Family, Code of the West, Oakland Opera) on keys and bass, Jason Willer (Jello Biafra & GSM, Charger, Acid King) on drums, and David Coulter (The Pogues, Tom Waits, Test Department) on musical saw, violin, and leslie piano. Additional recording assistance was provided by Skot Brown (Altar de Fey, Esses, Phantom Limbs) and Salvador Raya (Asunder, Laudanum) in Oakland, mixed in Los Angeles by Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus, Sondra Sun Odeon), and mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx.  

A movie of Blood Moon Wedding is currently in pre-production.

Track Listing:
01. Spell
02. Some Things Are Worth Believing
03. Wanted
04. Looking for Us
05. Murder Ballad
06. Hey Mia Do You Remember?
07. Wild
08. Blood Moon Wedding part 1
09. Blood Moon Wedding part 2
10. Pn M2-9



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