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On the 17th of February 2024, Temple is welcoming three amazing bands that will travel us to their multi-dimensional worlds – we are talking about the live show of Sirenia, the sensational gothic metal bands, a concert with two support bands, Drama Noir and Enemy of Reality. Let’s delve into the story of the Sirenia and the Greek support bands, as we are preparing for this highly anticipated live event!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos



Hailing from the heart of Greece, Drama Noir emerges as a formidable force in the realm of symphonic blackened death metal. Formed in 2017 by Mephisto, formerly of Disharmony, the band quickly solidified its lineup and embarked on a journey to unleash their unique brand of darkness upon the world.

In 2018, Drama Noir made their presence known with the release of their first single, “A Forgotten Warrior,” featuring the masterful drumming of Yngve (Flames, Gungnir, ex-W.E.B.). Impressed by Yngve’s contributions, the band welcomed him as a full member, setting the stage for their debut full-length album, “Princess Airam”. With the addition of Peisithanatos on bass and Nyctelios (Synteleia) on vocals, Drama Noir unleashed a sonic onslaught that left listeners mesmerized and craving more.

Undeterred by their initial success, Drama Noir wasted no time in delving deeper into the abyss of their sound. In 2019, they began recording their sophomore album, “A Necromancy Lore,” a dark and immersive journey into the realms of death and sorcery. Helmed by Savvas Betinis (Acid Death) at S.I.A. Recordings, the album’s masterful production elevated Drama Noir’s sound to new heights of intensity and atmosphere.

The year 2020 marked a significant milestone for Drama Noir as they inked a deal with the prestigious French label Drakkar Productions for the release of “A Necromancy Lore.” The album received widespread acclaim upon its release in both digipak CD and gatefold LP formats, solidifying Drama Noir’s status as a rising star in the metal underground. Not content to rest on their laurels, the band also partnered with Polish label Fallen Temple for a special tape release of the album.

As the dark symphony of Drama Noir continued to unfold, the band experienced both evolution and expansion. In 2021, vocalist Nyctelios departed, paving the way for Yngve to assume vocal duties alongside his drumming responsibilities. The band’s lineup further expanded with the addition of Vampyrpriest on guitar and Tenevris on vocals, adding new dimensions to their sonic tapestry.

Amidst lineup changes and creative growth, Drama Noir remained steadfast in their pursuit of darkness and despair. In collaboration with the German band Morgenröthe, they released the split EP “Morna / Possenspiel,” showcasing their versatility and dynamism as artists. Simultaneously, they embarked on the creation of their third full-length album, guided by the masterful hand of Psychon (Septicflesh) at SoundAbuse Productions.

In a testament to their growing prominence, Drama Noir signed a deal with Greek label Floga Records for the release of their third opus, “Nightfall upon the Asylum”. Released on May 3rd 2023, the album plunges listeners into a nightmarish realm of haunting melodies and crushing riffs. Preceded by singles such as “Risen to Avenge” and “The Quest of the Unknown Kaddath,” Drama Noir once again proves their prowess as masters of the macabre.

With “Nightfall upon the Asylum,” Drama Noir solidifies their position as torchbearers of darkness, weaving tales of terror and turmoil that resonate with listeners on a primal level.

Here we shall add that Yngve is no longer member of the band, as it was announced some days ago, and  Nikitas Mandolas will handle the drums as a session drummer for the band’s upcoming shows.


Since their formation in 2013, Enemy of Reality, led by soprano Iliana Tsakiraki, has carved a formidable niche in the world of symphonic metal, captivating audiences with their rich tapestries of sound and intricate storytelling. Distinguished by Iliana’s operatic vocals and includeing progressive elements, their music transcends boundaries, immersing listeners in a distant, magical realm.

With three full-length albums under their belt, Enemy of Reality has garnered widespread acclaim from both critics and fans alike. Their debut album, “Rejected Gods,” released in 2014 via FYB Records, served as a powerful introduction to their symphonic metal prowess. The album’s blend of epic orchestrations and soaring vocals set the stage for what would become a series of captivating musical journeys.

In 2016, Enemy of Reality continued their sonic exploration with the release of “Arakhne”, once again showcasing their mastery of the symphonic metal genre. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology and folklore, the album offered a mesmerizing fusion of myth and music, earning the band a dedicated following and numerous live performances across Europe’s festival circuit.

In 2023, Enemy of Reality returned with their third full-length album, “Where Truth May Lie”, released via Vinyl Store. This latest offering is a concept album that delves deep into the annals of ancient Greece, weaving a tale of a priest grappling with tragic events while encountering mythical forest creatures known as Satyrs. As the priest seeks answers, he discovers that truth may be found in the transformative power of music, dance, wine, and erotic pleasures.

To commemorate the release of “Where Truth May Lie”, Enemy of Reality unveiled an official video for the single “Downfall”, directed by Yiannis Margetousakis and Thanos Liberopoulos. The video serves as a visual feast, capturing the essence of the album’s themes and showcasing the band’s penchant for cinematic storytelling.

At the heart of Enemy of Reality’s sound lies a deep reverence for both musical tradition and innovation. Their symphonic metal compositions are offerings of enduring power and melody, transporting listeners to realms of wonder and imagination. With each album, they push the boundaries of their craft, embracing new narratives and sonic landscapes with unwavering creativity and passion.

As Enemy of Reality continues to evolve and expand their musical horizons, one thing remains clear: their journey is far from over. With “Where Truth May Lie” they have invited listeners to embark on a mythic odyssey unlike any other, where truth and fantasy converge in a symphony of sound and story.


Sirenia, the brainchild of guitarist Morten Veland, emerged onto the metal scene in January 2001, carrying with it a legacy forged from Veland’s earlier endeavors with Tristania. As a co-founder of Tristania, Veland played a pivotal role in shaping the gothic metal sound of the mid-nineties, establishing himself as a luminary within the genre. With Sirenia, Veland aimed to push the boundaries even further, propelling gothic metal into new realms of sonic exploration.

Since its inception, Sirenia has captivated audiences with its unique blend of gothic metal and rock, infused with classical orchestrations and elements from more extreme metal genres. With a discography spanning eleven albums, an EP, and numerous singles, Sirenia has solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with in the metal world. Each release has garnered critical acclaim and chart success across multiple countries, while their singles have dominated radio airwaves around the globe.

Sirenia unleashed its latest album, “1977,” on May 26th, 2023, via Napalm Records. Building upon their previous successes, “1977” delivers a sonic experience unlike any other, showcasing Sirenia’s evolution and innovation over two decades of musical exploration.

Beyond the studio, Sirenia’s live performances have become the stuff of legend. With extensive tours spanning Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia, and Australia, the band has graced the stages of the world’s largest festivals, sharing the bill with icons such as Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, and Korn. Each performance is a testament to Sirenia’s unwavering commitment to delivering a transcendent live experience, leaving audiences spellbound in their wake.

At the heart of Sirenia’s sound lies a foundation of powerful drums and bass, bolstered by massive rhythm guitars and atmospheric keyboards. Melancholic violins and 12-string guitars add depth and texture, while diverse vocal styles – including female vocals, choirs, growls, screams, clean male vocals, whispers, and samples – weave a tapestry of emotion and intensity. The lyrics, rooted in reflections on life, death, love, hate, paranoia, anxiety, and mental decline, invite listeners to delve into the depths of the human experience.

Despite undergoing lineup changes over the years, Sirenia has now settled into a fixed and formidable lineup, poised to continue their musical journey with strength and resolve. With “1977” and a legacy that stretches back over two decades, Sirenia remains a beacon of creativity and innovation in the world of gothic metal, beckoning listeners to embark on an unforgettable odyssey through sound and emotion.

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