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Within Temptation’s Sharon Den Adel said some very interesting things in an interview she gave to France’s United Rock Nations. Someone should especially emphasize on what she revealed about the origins of her new solo project, My Indigo, and the lack of inspiration she had to face the last years. You can read what she said in the following excerpts:

“I’ve been touring with Within Temptation my whole young, adult life. I’ve never done anything else except Within Temptation and also because it’s something that really comes from the heart and it’s my passion and I really love doing it. But, after so many years, some things happened through the years that I really never had time to — all the highs and lows in life, I never had time to process that and I was close to a burnout a few years ago. A lot of things happened. My father got really ill and I [found] that I had writer’s block in combination with that, so, I didn’t know how to continue. A lot of things came up from my past that I needed to think about, like, ‘Okay, I need to re-evaluate what I want to do with the next 20 years of my life and why can’t I write now because something is blocking me?’ I found out that I needed to make some kind of music at this time because I didn’t feel the music for Within Temptation to write something, I wasn’t inspired, I didn’t have any inspiration because Within Temptation is epic, big and powerful type of music. I didn’t feel big and powerful at the time. I felt I had a lot of things to deal with, so, I wanted to stay close to what I was feeling, then other music came out. Instead of big and powerful Within Temptation kind of songs, it became very vulnerable, small songs. I wanted to do something different and explore that. I couldn’t write Within Temptation type of music, so I thought, ‘Maybe I could write this so maybe it will come back. Maybe I can get back the magic of writing songs for Within Temptation again.'”

“I think those things are kind of personal and I think, especially, you have to theorize with yourself what you want to do with the things that you’re dealing with. If you’re going to tell everybody, everybody is going to have an opinion about it. These are the kind of things you talk about after you have done it, not before you’re going to do it because it’s only going to make people restless and that’s unnecessary. First, I had to figure out for myself what I wanted to do, then how I was going to do this.”



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