by MythofRock

Scorpions have sent their video message to all their fans, urging them to stay at home, during the coronavirus outbreak and the worldwide lockdown. 

In a two-and-a-half minute clip, Klaus Meine says: ‘We all go through very difficult times these days. Sometimes it feels like watching a science-fiction movie from the ’80s. But this is not a movie — this is reality — and, unfortunately, it’s not over yet. I hope you’re well and healthy and stay at home, like all of us. Life changed so dramatically in the last couple of weeks and the last couple of days, and I know summer days are around the corner and it’s not easy to stay inside. But please, please stay at home until the world starts turning around again and life comes back to normal for all of us. I would like to say thank you to all the doctors and nurses, all the medical staff, all the people in supermarkets selling food, truck drivers on the road who make sure that whatever we need every other day will be delivered. They do an amazing job. Please take good care of yourself and all your loved ones and friends. We miss you. We hope this will be over soon. What can I say? Don’t forget — in good times and bad times, music will lift up our soul. I’m sending you lots of love and positive energy”.




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