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Ripping black/thrashing circle Sarcator is streaming the music video for the track, “Perdition’s Hand,” and “Alkahest, the second full-length, which is out today (04 November 2022) via Black Lion Records physically (CD, cassette, vinyl) and digitally. Aged 17 to 23, these Swedes have been showcasing cut-throat insanity since mid-2010.

States the group: “‘Alkahest’! It’s a result of many hours in the rehearsal cave, finally out now for everyone to take part in. Once again, a special thanks to Studio-MT for the soundscape, and to Dávid Glomba who made the music shine through every detail of the album cover. Behold, listen, enter!”

STREAM, DOWNLOAD, or PURCHASE the album, at your preferred streaming media or store AT THIS LOCATION.

Speaking of “Perdition’s Hand,” the track that has its music video out today, Sarcator informs: “‘Perdition’s Hand’ was the second song we wrote for this album. With ‘Alkahest’ being the first one we wrote, we wanted to make a more straightforward, simple and mean rock song. It was an important achievement for us as musicians, due to its being the first significantly different songs we wrote.”

Having two EPs and an album, Sarcator beckons new hope for Swedish metal. These young adults from Trollhattan evoke titans of the genre that blurred the lines between the first wave of black metal and the Teutonic thrash. After spawning two mini albums, they headed to the Studio-MT in their hometown to record their self-titled debut, released in November 2020. Only a few months after the release, they got nominated for the P3 Gold radio listeners award for Best Swedish Metal Group. Even though they didn’t win, it was still significant proof that the band was on the right path and not bad for four guys still in high school.

On the new album Alkahest, Sarcator progresses forward in their approach, with new territories explored. It is a heartfelt album with a broader palette of influences and inspirations. This time, their already discharged merciless blackened thrash triumphantly came to grips with melodic death metal sparks of The Crown, Dissection, and At The Gates. The Crown influences probably came by birth as the lineup includes Mateo Tervonen — the son of Marko Tervonen from The Crown.

Tearing the ground and tearing the skin, Sarcator is poised to release the blood and life within.

Track Listing:
1. Ascend
2. Perdition’s Hand
3. Grave Maggot Future
4. Dreameater
5. The Long Lost
6. He Who Comes from the Dark
7. Devil Sun
8. Sorrow’s Verse
9. Alkahest




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