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Swedish metal band SABATON has welcomed back guitarist Thobbe Englund, marking his return to the group following Tommy Johansson’s departure less than a month ago. Thobbe initially joined SABATON in April 2012 and departed on amicable terms in July 2016 to prioritize personal matters and explore his creative endeavors. Now, after eight years, he’s returned and is poised to once again captivate audiences worldwide.

Englund recorded two studio albums with SABATON, namely “Heroes” (2014) and “The Last Stand” (2016),and assisted with the songwriting of some very popular songs including “Shiroyama” and “Fields Of Verdun”, among others.

On his return, which is effective immediately, Englund declares: “Words can’t express how ready and how excited I am to jump back into SABATON. It feels like I was on a short holiday. The time is right, love is in the air and the best is yet to come!”

SABATON bassist and band manager Pär Sundström comments: “This is a full-circle moment for SABATON and we are beyond excited to have Thobbe rejoin the band. He’s a talented guitarist, songwriter and a kind guy who we have a lot of fun with. We didn’t even need to hold auditions with other guitar players. All that was needed was to spend New Year’s Eve together to know that the time was right for Thobbe’s return.”

Echoing Pär’s sentiments, SABATON frontman Joakim Brodén states: “This decision was a no-brainer for us as a band and for Thobbe. He knows the drill and is the perfect fit. This is a great outcome, and we think everyone is going to be psyched about the news! The time is right. Welcome back, brother!”.

Meanwhile, SABATON drummer Hannes Van Dahl adds: “Who? Thobbe f***ng Englund, that’s who! The man is back! I’m happy to once again share the stage with one of my best friends! Welcome back, brother!”

And finally, fellow SABATON guitarist Chris Rörland says: “I’m beyond excited and happy for the return of the king! We’ve had so many good times together, both on stage and off stage. It’s gonna be great to share the stage again. Welcome back and welcome home my brother! Love ya!”

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