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R.I.P. MARK SHELTON (1957 – 2018)

by MythofRock

The world of heavy metal is shocked again. We all heavy metal fans are devastated with the sad news of the loss of one of heavy metal’s most respected musicians – Manilla Road’s Mark Shelton died of a heart attack last Friday. Mark Shelton was the leading force of Manilla Road, who were distinguished as a legendary epic metal band and had loyal fans – especially in Greece. Manilla Road were formed in the late ‘70s and their classic albums, for example, “Open the Gates”, “ The Deluge” and “Crystal Logic”, were a specimen of traditional, epic US metal of the eighties. Mark “The Shark” left our world at the age of 60, during Manilla Road’s tour. He was a skilled guitar player, he had a unique way of singing and he was a humble person – everyone who had the chance to meet him describes him as a charismatic and beautiful personality. Things could be said about Manilla Road’s special sound, but only the best about Shelton, who was a devoted musician and played metal until he passed away. He will be remembered forever and he will be here with us through his songs. Our condolences to his family and friends. A true warrior, he will be singing now in Heaven.




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