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Purpendicular has announced that its new album will be released later in 2022. But who is Purpendicular? Let’s read the press release of the band’s label…

Metalville Records welcomes Purpendicular feat. Ian Paice – the new studio album “Human Mechanic” will be released later this year. Purpendicular was formed in October 2007 by Irish Vocalist Robby Thomas Walsh.
With over 25 years experience, He played in several semi pro bands before turning full professional with Purpendicular. The success story of Purpendicular is nothing short of amazing, as in the first touring year the band completed a short European tour with original Deep Purple Drummer Ian Paice.

“This band is one of the top bands I work with, you’re going to love them, these guys are so good I only have to worry about myself”– Ian Paice 2012.

Ian had become attached to Purpendicular due to the reliable musicianship at hand and his friendship with vocalist Robby Walsh who were incidentaly introduced together before their first show in Vienna Austria in 2004.

The first two years the band completed shows in Austria and Germany mainly concentrating on the Steve Morse line up era of Deep Purple.

In 2010 the band were invited to St Petersburg and perform with the legendary vocalist Joe Lynn Turner.

By 2012 the band embarked on the official 40th anniversary tour of “Machine Head”, which was endorsed by Ian Paice.
During the tour another major event for Purpendicular was the invite to play in Montreux Switzerland. The band have now performed there annualy since!

2012 seen Purpendicular as the world’s most booked Deep Purple tribute show. This was repeated in 2013 and 2014.

In August 2015 Purpendicular released their debut album “tHis is the tHing#1”.

2016 saw Purpendicular embark on another Ian Paice collaboration. This tour was by far the most successful earning rave reviews from the media and Ian Paice himself stating – ‘I have to seriously thank my friends in Purpendicular, they are a fine band of very talented musicians that give me the chance to play when I am not with Purple, we always have a great time’.

In May 2017 the second studio album “Venus To Volcanus” was released. The same year the band performed a fantastic show at Graspop Festival too.

A successful TV appearance at SWR 1 Hitparade in Germany also became part of the band history.

Over the years Purpendicular worked with great musicians like Roger Glover bass in Pratteln Switzerland in 2012 as guest. Tony Carey ex Rainbow on the album Venus to Volcanus 2017, Paul Morris ex Rainbow on keys touring with the band in 2018 and Neil Murray ex Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Brian May joined ther full tour on bass in 2021.

In 2020 Purpendicular decided to write for the third original record “Human Mechanic”.
Major decisions by vocalist Walsh and Drummer Paice were made on the line up in order to progress.
The record itself has been delayed by nearly two years because of Covid .
Musically the album is written around typical Ian Paice grooves and more funky disco bass lines, but keeping that heavy hard rock sound intact.

Here you won’t find a copy of Deep Purple, but many influences, but still the Hammonds and guitars are still evident.


Ian Paice – Drums
Nick Fyffe – Bass
Robby Thomas Walsh – Vocals
Christoph Kogler – Hammonds Keyboards
Herbert Bucher – Guitars
tHis is the tHing#1 (2015)
Venus To Volcanus (2017)


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