by MythofRock

A new video, for the song “Your Song”, taken from their 2019 album, “Faith In Physics”, has been released by Planet of Zeus. The video was filmed and directed by Alex Masmanidis.

The Greek stoner rock band commented: “It’s been around 8 months since the pandemic kicked in. Touring and concerts have been on hold, ever since, and they are transforming into live streaming. For some a necessary alternative to keep things going and for others a sterilized way that can hardly simulate the feelings that are born in a live show. Gigs, and thus touring, have always been the ultimate connection between artists and music enthusiasts. Music Venues are the hosts and the sound and light engineers and in-house crews constitute the essential links in the chain of every live music fiesta. So, we decided to re-live our latest touring experience with you all, in an attempt to remind ourselves and everybody else, what is the essence of a live experience and why do we miss it so much. This last run took place all around Europe, along with the mighty Kvelertak, several months ago and was brought to an unexpected end due to the pandemic. So, we share with you a part of this journey, through the eyes of Alex Masmanidis, who captured the very essence of what gigs are meant to be…Interaction and Celebration! Enjoy and, hopefully, soon enough we will all be able to gather again and scream our lungs out, singing our songs”.


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